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Join Mylobard in a journey through love and learning.
"slim." is the first personal release in a decade by recording artist Mylobard.

At initial listen, "slim."shares echos of the same old love and loss music collections that the RnB/Soul genres have made us comfortable with.

However, as the album progresses we are regaled with not only a sonic and musical smorgasbord but the unfolding, acceptance and healing of the wounds and learning that have shaped an industry professional with exceptional insight, talent and experience.

"slim." is a multifaceted, complex and deeply truthful narrative piece presented in a glorious, multicolored and genre switching movie of a music project.


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RED cover

Recognizing cycles, loops and repetition is an important part of this collection sonically, lyrically and emotionally.  

Here, Mylobard utilizes his wildly diverse vocal and sonic palette to dive deeply in to the guilt and grief that surround “a failed break up”, through the lens of gratitude.

The themes of riding the heady highs and the desperate lows of trying to align with one’s inner self at the same time as one’s partners needs should certainly seem tiring, were it not for the explosively inspirational mix of lyric and composition Mylobard sets the stage with. 

"RED" is the continuation of understanding what leads to the moment a relationship becomes terminal. Balanced against short coming and success, achievement and failure, great gain and rending loss. 

"RED" distills and chronicles peaks, valleys, guilt and grief in a truly mindblowingly masterful musical presentation.  


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