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It’s easy to fall in love with the effort and not the outcome, this is a universally practical approach I share and advocate for amongst both peers and during public speaking engagements.
That is to say, often times music artists miss the key point - music should be enjoyable for as many people as possible. So, I think it’s fair to say that very few people will ever analyze and pour over the cerebral nature of music like talented artists, who are frankly the minority.

That isn’t to say that this wasn’t a completely enjoyable production process. Sourcing and collaborating with the feature guitarist, slapping the shit out of my bass, smashing out loud major key melodies and generally fusing the enjoyment of all the music inspirations of my childhood. Smiling the whole time while I try on different voices, diverse vocals and outlandish and at times immature lyrics.

Great sessions. 

This is RAMPART413. 

Protected, overlooking and a great place launch boldly from. Fiercely defensive of the entire internal value, part of a bigger construct, high and mighty.

The visual artwork follows a very similar formula; begin with fun and irreverent concepts, expand and highlight them to their extremes, smash them together without thinking too much about it.
I found this counterintuitive to my lifelong process which, across all my artistic mediums has typically been very cerebral. However, I also found it very very FUN. I hope you do too.
Dance your way into 2024 and whatever you do, try not to overthink it all.
I didn’t and it felt great.

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